In the conference “Keeping connection to ensure the supply chain of Vietnamese goods in response to the campaign Vietnamese people prioritize using Vietnamese goods” organized on December 10th 2021 by Ministry of Trade and Industry, SABECO General Director Neo Gim Siong Bennett said: SABECO holds daily meetings to update the COVID-19 pandemic developments in order to find suitable methods for ensuring physical and moral safety of its 13.000 employees. Up to now, 72% of SABECO employees received two doses of COVID-19 vaccine and 82% of the rest got the first dose, Neo Gim Siong Bennett added.

Despite difficulties caused by the pandemic, SABECO has secured jobs for all its employees without salary cut. The company paid bonuses to the staff last month, even.

Mr Neo Gim Siong Bennett, SABECO General Director

SABECO has always kept its production and tried to avoid the interruption of supply chain. The COVID-19 prevention has been considered as one of ultimate tasks of the company. Besides, there are a number of departments that support the recovery of the company's supply chain. SABECO organizes weekly sales, operations, and planning meetings to address its transportation, inventory and production issues and to ensure the freshness of its products. SABECO has a network of a total of 26 factories and 60 warehouses across Vietnam and this network is run by the company’s professional truck fleets. During the height of pandemic, the company’s products were also delivered by trains and ships.

SABECO possesses 26 breweries in total located throughout Viet Nam territory

A large network of factories and warehouses nationwide has helped SABECO minimize supply chain disruptions in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic’s complicated developments. Since 2020, the company has also implemented the SABECO 4.0 program – a digitization program to to simplify, standardize and centralize the comapny’s operations including sales, human resouurce management, purchasing activities, etc. This program includes logistics management, transportation tracking system, warehouse management, etc. As a result, SABECO’s deliveries are real-time managed.

SABECO has been investing in human resource

Thanks to this system, SABECO can optimize its transportation routes, its inventories in warehouses, and improve the effectiveness of its operations to bring the freshness of products.

Another important thing is that SABECO always focuses on employee development. SABECO recruites and trains professional, experienced, motivated employees. SABECO will possibly recover its chain of supply via following measures: (i) prevention of virus, (ii) superiority of supply chain. (iii) taking advantage of power in technology application, (iv) motivation and experience of employees, and (v) convenience and effectiveness of working process. There no doubt that SABECO will overtake this challenging period soon.